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Institute of Law & Academic Studies (ILAS )


We offer cost effective, thorough and successful LLB programmes and associated courses in Trinidad and Tobago …Producing many Law graduates – Their track record proves that.

Dr. Gail Narinesingh, Founder & Principal

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ILAS’s students, past and present, attest to the value of their experience – the evident transformation that takes place from enrollment to graduation.

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This enriching experience is due to the very special combination of commitment to the highest standards of academic excellence and an informal, lively, supportive community of students, Lecturers and administrative staff. Our students come from a very wide range of backgrounds and countries, including the UK, US, Canada, Belize, The Bahamas, Jamaica, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Dominica, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. The diversity of the ILAS experience is partly fuelled by the unique kaleidoscope of working professionals and high school students that span ages 17 to 70. Class discussions and presentations are therefore even more very enriching and engaging. ILAS is at the centre of the most rapidly developing soon-to-be City of Chaguanas, Trinidad. Soon, it would be a ‘stone’s throw away’ from the Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills Training (MTEST) which would be of significant convenience for students accessing GATE funding. ILAS is also at the centre of the main transport hub that provides direct transport to the north, east and south of Trinidad, including Trinidad’s two major cities of Port-of-Spain and San Fernando. ILAS is also located a few minutes walk from shops and restaurants and other conveniences. ILAS also organizes together with the Student Council, a variety of activities for students outside of the classroom as well as those complimentary to the curriculum: debate and mooting competitions, fieldtrips, organized court visits, essay writing competitions, rallying, family days, religious and cultural observances and a plethora of other fora which targets students’ varied interests and intelligences. I very much hope that you will choose to come and study at ILAS. I can guarantee that you will have an outstanding and life-changing experience here. Please get in touch if you wish to find out more. Dr. Gail Narinesingh, Principal and Founder

Quality Policy and Facts about ILAS:

Our Quality Policy commits the Institute of Law and Academic Studies to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements and…

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expectations of all our services. Our Quality Policy commits the Institute of Law and Academic Studies to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements and expectations of all our services. We strive to understand our customers and comply with established rules and regulations to: – Maintain – Communicate, and – Continually Improve our Quality Management System our services. We strive to understand our customers and comply with established rules and regulations to: – Maintain – Communicate, and – Continually Improve our Quality Management System FACTS ABOUT ILAS: From our inception to present, several of our students continue to be awarded for academic achievement by the University of London, including 5 world prizes in the past 5 years. Our students come from all over the Caribbean. We have a lecturer-exchange programme with UK universities. We are aRegistered Centrewith the University of London. Several of our successful students served and continue to serve at very highlevels – of government, the public service and other state agencies and inthe private sector. To date, ILAS has produced over 800 attorneys-at-law. ILAS produces its own course materials and employs diverse and modern delivery methods. ILAS extends unprecedented student support to all its students. ILAS runs an intense revision course for students, covering the syllabuses 3 times in each academic year. We have very qualified and experienced lecturers. ILAS is registered with the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT). ILAS’s Bachelor of Laws programme is GATE funded. ILAS provides much more that academic guidance. There is an active Student Council. ILAS also hosts several co- and extra-curricular events: debate and mooting competitions as well as several fieldtrips every year!

Unique ILAS Tutorial System

All ILAS’s lecturers have completed/completing at least the Masters of Law (LLM) Degree with international…

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universities. Most lecturers have more than five years of LLB-teaching experience and some having as much 15 years experience! Lecturers have also been formally trained to teach and continue to update their teaching expertise by attending international workshops and conferences on learning and teaching methodologies, marking examinations and much more. ILAS also has a lecturer-exchange programme with several UK universities. Specialisation in Law ONLY ILAS’s concentration of the law programme allows students a greater opportunity to attain a high class of degree as well as a practical understanding of the law. Greater Interaction with students Our open door policy allows students unprecedented access to the teaching and administrative staff. Students enjoy an overall greater access to the school’s resources in an effective and efficient manner and this translates into world-class results every year, as well a more enriched and complete student experience. This includes Facebook classes and Twitter. Effective and Comprehensive completion of syllabi From September to December – substantive syllabus coverage! The courses are taught, with tutorials at the end of each topic. This ensures a thorough understanding and a working knowledge of the topics as well as the ability to apply the principles learnt. All available resources, including those provided by the University of London are handsomely utilized. From January to May – Intense revision This entails the following: – Examination technique; Completion of Past Papers; Essay structuring; Concentration on key concepts; Identifying recent developments; Mock Examinations. From mid-April to Examinations Final reviews of the key examinable areas; Drill sessions to cover exam questions; Time management under exam conditions; Confirmation and clarity of legal concepts. This unique scheme of study provides the “KEY TO SUCCESS” in that students would have had the opportunity to review their syllabuses at least three (3) times!!! Personal Assistance Lecturers are always available to consult with students individually and to address any concerns. Also, at the beginning of the second semester, ILAS holds an Academic Guidance Week, which facilitates individual student meetings to assess their progress and exam readiness. Students are also assisted with constructing individual study timetables geared to each student’s personal requirements in an effort to prioritise certain topics and maximise the student’s time. “Quality education, closer to home” Thalassa Cox LLB Graduate, 2013 St. Lucia

The U.O.L. International Programmes

The University of London is truly one of the great universities of the world – a federation of 19 world-class Colleges and 10 specialised institutes, with more than 160,000 students.Its reputation for high academic…

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standards has been built on the outstanding teaching and research of its Colleges since 1836. For 155 years, University of London degrees have been accessible to students all over the world through the University of London International Programmes. Today, the University of London International Programmes is truly international in character with over 50,000 students in more than 180 countries. The University of London International Programmes is a world-renowned provider of legal education. Its LLB has long been regarded as an ‘international gold standard’ in legal education and for over 150 years it has provided the first step on a career route for many thousands of practising lawyers within the Commonwealth and around the world. Academic direction for the University of London International Programmes LLB is provided by six of the most prestigious Colleges of the University of London – Birkbeck; King College London, the London School of Economics and Political Science, Queen Mary, the School of Oriental and African Studies, and UCL (University College London). Academics at these Colleges develop the syllabuses, prepare the study materials, and are responsible for the assessment of International Programmes students. Upon successful completion of their programme of study, students receive a University of London degree. ILAS is a Registered Centre for the University of London International Programmes. This means that in the considered view of the University of London we have acceptable standards for the purpose of supporting students of the University of London International Programmes in preparing for their examinations. For further details of the University of London International Programmes, visit:

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